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We are happy to announce the soon launch of the Afflarium closed Incentivized Test Program in which you can take part and help us make Afflarium a much better, convenient, and interesting world.

So what is the Afflarium test program all about?

Just play and have fun. If you like video games, you have the time and you’re ready for something interesting, then this is for you.

The chosen applicants will be sent a VR headset, ways of access, and various tasks. All we need from you is to be willing to dedicate your time to become a part of Afflarium.

Each and every one of you can participate, It’s going to be very exciting and rewarding.

One more thing, 

anyone who was not chosen to participate in the test program will receive some type of NFT, which has real value in Afflarium, as appreciation for taking your time to fill out the form.

It can be anything from a portal voucher, some sort of device, or an artifact, all of which are tradable.

Which one, you will find out later.

This NFT will be attached to your wallet address that you provided in the test program form.

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