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Afflarium is a Blockchain-based
Massively-Multiplayer Online Metaverse

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Afflarium is a
Online Metaverse

Afflarium - is a special and realistic gaming world, combining virtual reality, cryptocurrency, NFT, digital property, a real economy, and a unique gaming experience with Play-to-Earn mechanics.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Afflarium + Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 5

Afflarium Real Economy

Real Economy

NFT as your Digital Property in Afflarium

NFT as your Digital Property

Afflarium Operates with multiple blockchains and protocols

Operates with multiple blockchains and protocols

Play to Earn in Afflarium

Play to Earn in Afflarium is а real Play to Earn

About Afflarium

Afflarium is crypto metaverse

Afflarium – is a Blockchain-based Massively multiplayer online metaverse that you can play on VR, PC, and mobile.

Afflarium is not something you can or need to finish. There’s always a reason to be there and keep yourself occupied. It’s a place with plenty of large worlds to fit anyone’s taste, each world is unique and interconnected with one another. Choose anyone you like.

Afflarium is using a real economy

We are confident that your interaction with various elements in the world of Afflarium would be as realistic as possible, good graphics is not the only condition, It also requires a real economy.

Two tokens exist in the Afflarium world: $AFF - Afflarium Governance Token Afflarium’s Еconomy token.

-- Governance Token is the entry ticket to partake in the vast world of Afflarium and receive the HUGE yields of its work.

-- Еconomy token (USDC, USDT) is used to make payments for goods, services, receive and pay salaries, rental fees, purchase digital property and artifacts.

Do not purchase anything marketed as the AFFLARIUM token until an official announcement is made.

NFT and Digital Property in Afflarium

NFT in Afflarium - is the most real digital property. Meaning it’s not just some pretty picture or a video. It is something that has value due to its qualities, its functionality in-game, and its connection with the Afflarium economy.

For example, Owning a certain NFT gives you the right to receive the Afflarium Governance Token, and the Afflarium Economy Token.

Technologies used in Afflarium

Afflarium will be using Unreal Engine 5.

Afflarium is made to be played with VR, it is also playable on desktop and mobile.

Manage your digital property and funds with Afflarium iOS and Android Apps without having to fully launch the game.

Afflarium is Protected by blockchain technology

In Afflarium the transactions, funds, and the ownership of any digital property are reliably protected by blockchain technology.

All these important basic fundamentals make Afflarium an incredibly realistic place for you guys to have fun as much as you want, hang out and make money.

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