$AFFL - Afflarium Governance Token

We all know companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and other well-known brands.


We use their services, buy their products, but other than that, we have nothing to do with them.


What if they were suddenly interested in our opinions about what could be changed? What if they suddenly began to share their profits with us? And what if we became part of these companies? No, that is not going to happen. Most of us are not in the same group of people with such possibilities. These companies are not from the crypto world, they operate by the traditional company market standard.


Well, in Afflarium it’s different.


We want everyone to have the choice and opportunity to become a part of the Afflarium world not only as players and users.


But everything is in order.


Two tokens exist in the Afflarium world:

  • Afflarium Governance Token – $AFFL
  • Afflarium economy token – stablecoins $UCDC and $USDT

important: Do not purchase anything marketed as the $AFFL token until an official announcement is made.


Let’s talk about $AFFL Token.


This is the entry ticket to partake in the vast world of Afflarium and
receive the yields of its work.


Governance Token gives the following possibilities to its holders:


1. Vote on important decisions concerning Afflarium.


2. Receiving $AFFL tokens by staking $AFFL tokens.


3. Receiving $AFFL tokens by staking LP tokens.


4. Receiving Economy tokens (USDC and USDT) by staking $AFFL tokens.


5. $AFFL token holders will be able to receive a portion of Afflarium’s profits, which will be shared among all holders and issued in stablecoins like USDC and USDT.


6. Holding $AFFL tokens in your wallet you automatically:

– Will be able to gain access to special services in Afflarium.
– Be able to visit special worlds, places, and events in Afflarium.
– Be able to interact with special NFTs.

and much more amazing benefits


Detailed tokenomic of the $AFFL Token, as well as other important information, you can find here



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