The Economy of Afflarium

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We know that in essence, the economy is the production, distribution, and consumption of various goods and services. The economy allows conducting economic activities the right way with the greatest benefits. And the goal of the economy is to meet the needs of citizens in conditions of limited resources.


Now, back to Afflarium.


We are confident that your interaction with various elements in the world of Afflarium would be as realistic as possible, good graphics is not the only condition, it also requires a real economy.


In the world of Afflarium, there are


– production and consumption of goods
– provision and use of various services
– jobs and salaries
– trading items from the Afflarium world (NFT)
– trading & renting real estate, shops, lands, and many other assets
– elements of the banking sector

Also, in Afflarium, it is possible to buy and sell goods from the real world.


In other words, Afflarium’s economy is complete, and It will allow you not to only see Afflarium as a very realistic place, but also to conduct a fully-fledged financial activity, allowing you to have income.

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