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So, guys, what is Afflarium?

  • Afflarium – is a Blockchain-based massively multiplayer online virtual universe that you can play on VR, Desktop, and mobile.
  • Afflarium is not something you can or need to finish. There’s always a reason to be there and keep yourself occupied.
    It’s a place with plenty of large worlds to fit anyone’s taste, each world is unique and interconnected with one another. Choose anyone you like.
    Afflarium is a place of many opportunities where anyone can be or do whatever they want.
  • The stunning graphics of Afflarium are made possible with the latest technology that keeps improving.
  • Afflarium is using a real economy.

You can own, control and earn with your digital assets.

Want to work or provide services – no problem.

Find NFT – your digital property, take them away from other players, use them or trade with them – 

go right ahead.

There’s always a way for you to earn or spend money.

  • In Afflarium the transactions, as well as the ownership of any digital assets, are reliably protected by blockchain technology.

    All these important basic fundamentals make Afflarium an incredibly realistic place for you guys to have fun as much as you want, hang out and make money.


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